About Me

When photographing nature, I see and understand things about the natural world more deeply than when I’m not photographing. Often, I spend long periods of time observing one animal, and during that time, I’m completely engrossed in trying to understand what the animal is doing and anticipating their next move. It is my goal to be a storyteller so that the viewer can experience some of the wonder. I love the patterns and textures of nature, how the light plays with water, leaves, trees, flowers and everything else it touches. Sometimes, I just want to communicate a feeling about a place or animal and for this I like to remove some of the “reality”, emphasizing the element that motivated me to make the image. This may be color or motion or shapes or anything, really. Aside from the joy I get in making art, I really only have one, singular purpose in photographing nature- that is, to have other people fall in love with nature as I have. If something in my art can move a person to help protect wildlife and the natural world, then I will consider my art successful.

It is important to me to support the wildlife and environmental conservation organizations whose work I believe in, and to use my visual-storytelling to educate about the natural world.  All proceeds from photography sales are donated to the wildlife and conservation organizations I support.  

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